Monday, November 20, 2017

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Replica Ferragamo Shoes to the invitation of the Columbia college of Chicago and the support of Peking University examination institute, I was able to turn this idea into a reality. On November 12, 2013, I was officially the director of the admissions office of Peking University. A week later, I embarked on a one-year trip to Chicago to study and study life. The days in America are simple and full, and this is an unforgettable time I will never have in my life. Every day, I get up at seven o 'clock, eat breakfast at 7:30, go out at eight o 'clock, spend 40 minutes walking to school, start one day's study and work, and talk to all kinds of people. No interview arrangement, I either have a class, replica ferragamo shoes manufacturers or listen to the report, or access to information in the library of Stanford university institute of education library retains the 20th century almost all the research literature about college admissions. After lunch at noon, I often go to a small bookstore nearby or sit on a bench and watch the people who come and go.

This is the most relaxed and quiet time of my day. The afternoon continued in the morning. At five o 'clock, when the melodious bell sounded, I packed up and took forty minutes to walk home in the sunset. It starts at six o 'clock. After dinner, the family took a walk in the neighborhood, talking about the fun things of the day, playing games with their daughters, watching cartoons and telling stories. At 8:30, AAA Replica Ferragamo Shoes my wife sleeps with my daughter, and I go to the club in the neighborhood for an hour. At ten o 'clock in the night, I began to organize the work of the day and record the information I learned as much as possible. Or read and write until two o 'clock in the evening. I work more than 12 hours a day, Buy Replica Ferragamo Shoes China almost every day.

Most of the articles in this collection are written in this way. They are mostly formed in my way to travel between Yu Guhe school - the two 40 minutes in the morning and afternoon is my thinking of the most active time of the day, a year in the United States of my thinking and awareness of life. Not necessarily true, but it's all true. The articles published in the media, also can see all the manuscripts in my Cheap Replica Ferragamo Shoes

Best Replica Ferragamo Shoes Online Some articles are still circulating in WeChat circles. This time the friend asked for a collection to be published so that readers could check it out. In addition to the modification of the individual words, the original appearance of the article is basically preserved. I named it restarting, which also means I'm going to start a new life journey.

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