Monday, November 20, 2017

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Ferragamo Belt Outlet More than twenty years ago, when I was in my freshman year, walking on my way to school and school every day -- exactly 40 minutes -- I could not help but generate ideas and ideas. At twelve o 'clock in the night, Replica Ferragamo Belts as a complete work, I wrote the thoughts of the day and threw them into the mailbox the next morning, a week later. I didn't expect that, more than two decades later, I did the same thing again, just from the small border town to the United States. I have to admit that this is my favorite thing to do, Mens Ferragamo Belt and I enjoy the process. We can't forget why we started because we went too far.

In 2003, the ministry of education started the independent recruitment of students reform in colleges and universities, is not a whim, in order to reform and reform, but in order to solve the university entrance exam to at that time due to the rigidity of a series of drawbacks to a step. What are the main drawbacks? In summary, one is the tendency of exam-education to be more and more serious in the field of education. Second, the only fractional theory has more and more serious damage to education ecology. Thirdly, the negative impact of the unified admission of the college entrance examination on talent cultivation in colleges and universities is increasing. And so on. The system must be changed to become the consensus of the society, but it is subject to the historical realities of the time, Ferragamo Belt Replica and there is no bottom in the world.

This historical background is very different from 1977. It was relatively easy to restore the college entrance exam in 1977, and the costs were relatively low, so leaders' decisions could play a significant role. But in 2003, facing the situation becomes rather complicated, coupled with the influence of the college entrance examination system in Replica Ferragamo Belt society is not just confined to the field of education, but a comprehensive reflection of political economic and social issues, make the college entrance examination reform. In this case, natural selection decision makers in the economic system reform in the podcast repeatedly, touch stone across the river way to cut out the inside part of the system of the original exploratory experiment, after summing up experience, to promote further, Fake Ferragamo Belt to realize the goal of gradual reform. This is the reason why the quota of independent admission is only 5% of the total enrollment plan.

However, where should the limited number of autonomous places be used? How to carry out the pilot work of independent recruitment? In the initial stage of the autonomous recruitment, neither the top-level design nor the concrete plan is feasible for the decision-making level and the pilot universities. Reform, Cheap Salvatore Ferragamo Belts are actually ripped a hole under the unified planning system, points out a direction to the university and to provide certain policy incentives, encourage grassroots units to give full play to the spirit of reform and innovation vigor, sum up experience in the developing. As for the other side of the reform, Cheap Ferragamo Belts no one seems to be able to articulate it.

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