Monday, November 20, 2017

Replica Ferragamo Handbags And Fake Ferragamo Bags For Sale

Replica Ferragamo Bag is not accurate to say that no one has studied it at all. In fact, some institutions and domestic scholars, especially for the college entrance examination system test technology has been carried out a lot of research, but its research results often cannot solve the practical problems facing the recruit workers. I'm afraid the reason is that the most fundamental is that these scholars never participate in real recruitment work, not familiar with the actual admissions process, types and application for admissions, consequences and influence admissions policies, and details unclear, especially for the specific admissions decisions that may occur in a variety of complex problem is unknown, experts on the surface, Fake Ferragamo Handbags said many just rubbish; Most admissions staff - including myself - because in transactional work, have neither the time nor the ability to think on theory, is often difficult to put the experience into theory research. Therefore, a work that was supposed to be based on rigorous and solid research has become a purely empirical technical work. Theory is out of line with practice.

More importantly, my years as director of the admissions office of Peking University happened to be the most rapid development period in Replica Ferragamo Handbags universities. In the face of the unified college entrance examination admission institution brought by the increasingly serious, more and more people realize that must be determined to break the theory of only score mold, implement classification test, comprehensive evaluation, multiple admissions reform goals. But how exactly should that be achieved? What are the paths, methods, and means of implementation? But no one can give a satisfactory answer. With the breakthrough of the school principal's real name recommendation system, Peking University has conducted some explorations and accumulated some experience, but it is far from being mature. The most important thing is that you have no heart. Is it scientific? Is it effective? Is it stable?

In May 2012, according to the ministry of education independent selection admission system of high-level university research team work arrangement, Ferragamo Handbags Replica in the then tianjin education, under the guidance of ets dean li-juan qiao I and fudan university, Beijing normal university, tianjin university and other colleges and universities manages director, special look at the American university - particularly public universities, the recruitment of students test system, clarify the misconceptions in understanding a lot in the past, harvest a lot. But unfortunately, that time is limited. The more I know, the more questions and confusions I have. Can't remember which day is, it is in higher education research institute at the university of California, Berkeley, conference room, a bold idea flashed into my mind: Knockoff Ferragamo Handbags why can't I dedicated to American learn their entrance exam system?

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