Monday, November 20, 2017

Replica Ferragamo Slides Wholesale From China For Sale

Replica Ferragamo Slides research methods are mainly social experiences and interviews. Experience refers to taking me personally as an individual subject to education, attending classes, reading and participating in various activities directly in the classroom of universities and middle schools. Interviews are a series of questions that lead to face-to-face conversation with a wide variety of people. The theme is still focused on college admissions and undergraduate education. Over the past year, I interviewed nearly hundred professors, intermediate and senior administrative personnel, and high school teachers, students, parents and entrepreneur, etc., from a different perspective and standpoint, to varying degrees closer to the core issue of concern to me, Womens Ferragamo Slides Replica has accumulated a lot of first-hand information.

I have visited the United States many times before, Replica Ferragamo Flip Flops limited by time, I can only get some of the superficial feeling of the light. But this time, in the school into the ordinary American life, study and work, I deeply feel the first time, for the United States such a complex and huge system of education, a few days like these is not effective, sometimes get information may also is likely to lead to misunderstanding. To really understand the education in the United States, you must meet all in a new place to live down, like ordinary americans, to send their children to school, go to school and work, go to the supermarket to buy things, talk to friends, neighbors, and Party, visiting museums, travel, and so on. Otherwise, you learn will always be some fragments of information, not only can't help you form the correct knowledge about American education, it may tempt you to draw specious and even wrong judgment. Education is the key to understand it, the United States is deeply rooted in the American history, tradition, culture and social background of a complete system and American education concept, ideas, patterns, and specific practices, notting have is not from the reality, in order to meet the demand of American education, Mens Replica Ferragamo Slides and gradually formed in the long-term accumulation. In other words, it can only solve the actual education problem that americans face. Since Replica Ferragamo Slides reform and opening up, Replica Ferragamo Slides sent countless education at various levels and of a delegation, and draw lessons from the introduction of many concepts, practices, and even people, always not why learn something back? That may be the reason.

Fake Ferragamo Slides should I make up my mind to go to the us to study the entrance examination system? It goes back three years. At that time, I was just the director of the admissions office of Peking University, and I encountered many practical difficulties in my work. No one could provide satisfactory answers, and I couldn't figure out myself. In the beginning, I tried to find some books and materials for reference, but one day I spent four hours in the xidan book building, but none of the relevant books were found. In my disappointment, I can't help but wonder: why is there so important a field, but no one to study it?

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