Saturday, December 9, 2017

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replica mcm backpack access to anti-viral drugs was given, free of charge. Antiviral drugs are distributed free of charge in the infected population. While cheng sells the drug for free to other infected people, the behavior itself constitutes a resale. Moreover, such behaviour is not officially sanctioned at all. Why would I use the word profit? On the one hand, he claimed to be a volunteer, on the other hand, he asked for a service charge. Maybe a lot of people will say that volunteers are people and need money to feed them. But I want to make clear concept, volunteer service is not charge, take salary call social worker, want to have professional qualification. It's not a good thing to say, he's got a halo, he's got money, and he doesn't miss it.

A lot of people would say that there's demand in the market for that. Let's tease out the needs of society. The first demand is that some people are in a position to avoid the problem of face, not want to expose the identity of their infected person, take the medicine in different places, and to ensure that the drug supply is uninterrupted, the drug purchase and drug purchase behaviors appear. As far as I know, many parts of the fake mcm bag and volunteers are the local authorities can help mailing drugs, so these are no find the right solutions, this part of the demand can be digested. The second part of the demand comes from people who have forgotten to take medicine, or who are going out to plan for change, who need extra medicine. This part of the people's congress is mostly borrowed, the micro blog help, the post help, also can get everybody's help. Nor is it long and sustainable. I remember the future talent in helping a temporary need of drugs with somebody else want money, like 100 dollars, the somebody else is not willing to give, he also said his tweeting theory requires that the justified. Then nothing happened.

The third group is at high risk. It is reasonable to say that the high risk exposures that are not caused by occupational factors are not to provide a way to block drugs. At this point, the hospitals are kind, and many places you can provide people who are at high risk of your behavior, and the detection is still negative after exposure, which can be blocked by drugs. But this risk assessment should also be done by a designated hospital or, a step back, and an NGO volunteer to do it without an organizer of an Mcm Backpack apartment. Way cool handsome on Mcm Backpack knowledge and the error is not a lack of two performance on twitter, from high-risk decision to infected pregnant, repeatedly spread false information, I really feel sorry the word volunteers. I am not aiming at the individual. I am solely responsible for the professional. Antivirals are prescription drugs, a person who doesn't have a prescription, and doesn't even have any credentials to judge. Who's responsible for the problem? Cheng's answer is that the doctor is responsible, who is responsible for the drug, and has nothing to do with him.

Why should we resist the anti-viral drug? I repeated my reasons. First, the antiviral drugs are prescription drugs, in addition to the doctors, no one has the right to adjust the conditions of drug utilization of the others, blocking and change medicine blindly, will only increase the risk of drug resistance, and the risk of drug resistance can affect the whole group of medications. There are people who are constantly at high risk because of the blocking drug, and this abuse of blocking drugs can increase the likelihood of resistance between both healthy and infected people. Second, the act of reselling will prompt a policy adjustment of drug charges. The four - free care is now laborious, because the number of infected people is increasing rapidly.