Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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What's more, in the intricate entanglement of real-life interests , it is indeed a matter of great courage to dare to disclose the violations of discipline and violations of one's superiors to the public. Judging from some anti-corruption cases that have been exposed in the past, many subordinates have long been clear about the number one violations of disciplines and disciplines. However, they not only failed to report the situation to relevant departments according to corresponding procedures, but also acted as superiors’ corruption.

Everything is due to the high risk of reporting to the boss. In fact, the end of many people is not ideal. It can even be very miserable. According to the Legal Weekly report, Li Ruifang, deputy director of the Price Bureau of Qianxin District , Tangshan City , Hebei Province, ferragamo Belt replica did not listen to the leader's deterrence, and continuously signed the economic problems of reporting the superiors. He was sentenced by the local court for unfounded charges. Li Ruifang complained for five years after being released from prison . Under the concern of the Central Media, he was acquitted of his sentence. However, two years after rehabilitating, Li Ruifang has not been able to restore wages.

According to Belt Store News Weekly reported that Jiang and E at work Danyang City Grain Bureau Stuart grain management. After five years of work at the grain management bureau, the fate of Jiang Heji suddenly turned a corner. Due to repeated reports from Danyang Food Bureau, the director of the Grains Management Office of Danyang City, Zhang Rongjin became the unpopular person. .

The total time for Jiang He three admissions was nearly 10 years: he was admitted for the first time in 1997 for 72 days; he was admitted for nearly 3 years from November 28, 2002 to September 18, 2005; it was shut down for 6 years from March 9, 2006. She insisted on petitioning for justice; the leaders were persistent, and they did not hesitate to turn her into a mentally ill in order to stop her from appealing, and she did not hesitate to spend 100,000 yuan on special treatment each year to ensure Jiang He hospitalization for many years. , to prevent their non-normal petitions.

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