Thursday, October 25, 2018

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To further improve the relevant laws and regulations, establish a preventive and control mechanism that is carefully guarded against and timely involved, and increase the sensitivity of the response, it is possible to cut back on the network marketing activities and even extinguish it in the bud.
A man went out and dumped the trash. The man who was full of barrels still fell and sanitation workers had an argument with him. Afterwards, the man suddenly stepped forward and knocked the sanitation worker down to the ground. Nearby the crowd saw him repeatedly. The current beatings have been detained. (Jiamusi Internet Radio & TV Station)

We often say that labor is the most glorious and sanitation workers are known as angels in the street and beautician in the city. In the various official discourse systems and media contexts, the sanitation workers who bear the hardest and dirtyest work under the glorious cities are the most lovable people. However, in recent years, there have been many incidents in which hitherto guards have been beaten across the country. Throw in eggshells and humiliate the sanitation workers, you are doing this, the men throw litter in the car, sanitation workers discourage being slapped. Such similar reports are common .

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt Although after the case occurred, people rushed to support the sanitation workers who were beaten and condemned the perpetrators. The local public security organs immediately punished the perpetrators according to law. However, all this failed to prevent the continued occurrence of the sanitation workers being beaten. The sanitation workers are still one of the most dangerous workforces and may be severely beaten at any time, not to mention that sanitation workers have long been routinely involved.